Hiring Wedding Transport

You have everything planned for the wedding. From what you are wearing, what the bridesmaid and groom’s men are going to wear along with who is going to attend the wedding. However, the real question is how to do you plan to make your way to the wedding. You also got to make sure that you arrive at your big day in style.

One of the most crucial decisions which you would have to make is based on how you plan to arrive at your wedding. Make sure you add hiring wedding transport in your list of things to do before the wedding.

When you hire wedding transport in Perth you need to know that you would be charged an hourly rate, which can range anywhere from $50 to $100, all based on the kind of transportation which you have chosen. You should also consider the tip which you would have to give. Some contracts include a 15 to 20% tip. On the other hand you may also need to hire wedding transport for the guests attending the wedding. Plus you would also need to take care of the parking fee. This can actually make the cost go up pretty quickly. However, there are certainly way in which you can save on wedding transportation.

How to save cash on wedding transport?

The easiest way to save cask on wedding transport is to make sure you keep things simple. You can easily make do with a six person town car instead of going all out and splurging on a limo. Keep in mind that hiring a limo can be pretty costly. If you are on a budget, make sure to keep thing simple.

You can even as someone to drive the wedding car for you. This is because if you hire a driver along with the limo you would be charged extra. However you would have to make sure that the person driving the car stays sober while driving. If that is an issue it is always better to consider your safety first. Also if you plan to hire valets for the wedding venue you need to ensure that there are the right number of valets for all the people who plan to attend your wedding. The basic rule is four to five valets for every hundred guests who attend the wedding non valet service men can be an option as well. They don’t charge that much and imply guide the guests towards possible parking spaces by holding placards and giving directions where needed.

If you plan on getting transport for all your guests you need to make sure that you hire the right wedding transport in Perth. Also make an early booking and ensure that you can avail early bird discounts. During the wedding season it may not be so easy to get transport when required. This is why it’s essential to make bookings early on to avoid disappointments.

For more information on wedding transport in Perth, make sure you contact a fully licensed company.

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