Five factors to consider when renting a function room

Now and then, you may need to rent a function room to host a meeting or a given event. If you are the one tasked with finding an appropriate function venue, then you have to be vigilant in your search.

We can’t tell which techniques you use as an individual to get the right venue, but I am sure that you will be guided with certain things which you will be keen to see if it exists in that venue. To make this easier for you, let us look at some of the factors to put in mind while looking for a suitable function room.

Things to check on a function room

  • Size

When it comes to selecting a function room, size matters a lot. The appropriate size of the function room will depend on the number of attendants that you are expecting. So it is your primary responsibility to find out the exact number of attendants that you will be hosting to decide on the size of the function room to go for. This can also help you to stick to your budget because you will get the exact size of the function room that will accommodate your guests.

  • Location

As you continue searching for an appropriate venue, make sure that you are sticking to a well-known location where guests can reach you with ease. Finding a function room in a suitable location will ensure that the members arrive in time and the meeting starts as planned, thus helping you to keep up with your day’s schedule.

  • Extra amenities

You also need to visit the venue and find out if they have additional amenities that can be used during your conference. Amenities such as drawing boards, projectors, and desktops can become helpful during members’ presentations. This also includes extra rooms where an individual can organise and prepare himself for the presentations.

  • Refreshments

The function room should also provide refreshments to the guests to help them to stay focused on the meeting. Sitting for long hours in a meeting can be tiresome and getting a refreshment can give you the strength to keep up. You will be lucky to find a company that includes the cost of refreshments in its budget and you will only have to pay for a single budget.

  • Condition of the furniture

Before you make your final decision on selecting a given function room, make sure that you have checked the condition of the furniture to ensure that they are comfortable to use for long durations. If you ignore this factor, then you may end up paying for a broken chair which you failed to identify and inform the staff. All the amenities are thoroughly examined after your meeting before you are allowed to part ways with that place.

Indicators of excellent function room services

The following are some of the indicators that the function room services you are hiring are on the top level:

Quick response – if you want to know how good the services are, check how long the staff takes to respond to your inquiries.

Strong customer support team – you will also know that a given function room is excellent if you are provided with a team of customer support staff to walk you around the venue and answer your questions.  This can help you to further rank the function room from the rest of the rooms.

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