Types of Diamond Rings

Diamond rings come in different classifications depending on their designs, type of setting, the metal used, shape and cut of the respective diamonds. Below is an illustration of the various types of diamond rings in Sydney as per the above classifications:

  1. Solitaire rings

This type of rings features only one diamond in the setting and are mostly held by prongs. Other mounting used include tension setting and bezel setting.

  1. Rings featuring side stones

These feature a single centre diamond that is surrounded by other smaller diamonds.

  1. Pave rings

Here you will find small diamonds being attached to the band consisting of tiny metal prongs looking like metal droplets. As per the design, you can find this ring made with little pave-set of diamonds or you can find it featuring a centre diamond or a big single stone with side stones.

  1. Prong settings

Prong settings is a type of diamond ring in which the diamond is being held with metal projections, mostly four or six of them. Also, there are chances of coming across settings consisting of more prongs. These are the most common diamond rings in Sydney.

  1. Bezel settings

Bezel settings surround the stone with a metal band either fully or partially. There is a case where the band of the metal holds only the outer edge of the stone, and this is commonly identified as the partial bezel settings.

  1. Invisible settings

Here, the diamonds are held in a framework which is under the stone, and you cannot locate it from the ring’s top side.

  1. Channel settings

As per their name, this type of rings only holds the diamond in a channel that is made in the band of the ring.

  1. Tension setting

Tension setting holds the diamond between the band’s ends with the application of pressure and not using the bezels, prongs, or any other kind of mounting device.

  1. Round diamonds

Round diamonds are the most popular diamonds mainly designed to maximise the brilliance of the stone, which fundamentally surpasses the of the stones featuring other cuts.

  1. Oval diamonds

Oval cuts are also the most types of diamonds but not as popular as the case of round diamonds.

  1. Marquise diamonds

The unique factor with this type of diamonds is that they consist of two sharp ends instead of the rounded shape.

  1. Pearl cut

Usually, pearl cut is an oval cut that features only a single sharp end.

  1. Heart cut

This type of diamond, features, an oval cut with only one sharp end and a cleft situated on the opposite rounded side.

  1. Rectangular cuts

Rectangular cuts entail other cuts like the emerald cut, the princess cut, the cushion cut, the radiant cut, and the Ascher cut.