The Second Mirage

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Mirage A3-105-2
The wreckage of Mirage A3-105-2 near the Museum’s parking bay.

The second Mirage is still a wreckage. It is on display outside of the Museum near to the parking bay.  Mirage A3-105 was first delivered to the RAAF on 4 July 1967. It was a two-seater training version designated the Mirage IIID.

This aircraft was written off after crashing in bushland some 13 kilometres east of Darwin on 26 April 1984. This accident occurred after an undercarriage malfunction during a night training exercise. The crew of RAAF pilot Flying Officer J.F. Barden and RAN pilot Sub-Lieutenant J.P. Conlan ejected at 3,000 feet and at 200 knots with only minor injuries. The crash was given the ejection number of 62 by the RAAF.

The remains of the aircraft were recovered from bushland by RAAF Chinook helicopter, and were eventually donated to the Museum in 1994.


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