Napier Gazelle Engine

Napier Gazelle Engine
Napier Gazelle Engine

GREAT BRITAIN Gas Turbine ,1960s

The power plant for our Wessex helicopter supplied by the Royal Australian Navy when the helicopter was completely  refurbished  for  this  museum.

The engine is a 400hp (1000Kw) gas turbine.

The rotor drive is direct coupled to the turbine through a gearbox at the top of the unit. The wheels at the top of the motor are the guides for installation.

The original Wessex helicopters  came equipped with  a large radial engine similar to the 1340 engine but were replaced by gas turbines, thus reducing weight and increasing power.

For more technical information on the Napier Gazelle Engine, see Wikipedia.

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    I worked on these aircraft for a number of years and still have the original electrical training notes. If this is the Wessex that went into ground resonance on the back of HMAS SUCCESS I have photo’s of it after the accident happened.

    • Ron Ninnis

      Thanks Stephen, I have passed your comments on to our archivist. We are always interested in additional relevant items to add to our Collection.

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