This twin turboprop utility transport was one of Japan‘s most successful post war aircraft types with over 800 examples being built. It first flew in 1963 and was powered by 2 Garrett Research turboprop engines developing 430Kw (575 shp) each. With a maximum takeoff weight of 4050 kg it could cruise at 500 km/h and had a range of 1930 km with reserves. Unfortunately the MU-2 was prone to failure when on autopilot in icy conditions. Mitsubishi established a production facility in the USA at San Angelo, Texas in 1967 and MU-2 aircraft were built there until the line finally closed in 1986. This aircraft was painted in Queensland with murals on each side at a reputed cost of over $40,000. It was flown to Darwin and later traded to Robert Amman, who proposed to use it as part of his Coast Watch fleet. After his company was declared bankrupt the MU-2 was donated to the Aviation Historical Society.

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