What is the history behind the Aviation Museum in Darwin?

The history of Darwin ‘s World War II can be explored in historical sites scattered throughout the city and its surroundings. The aviation history center has a real B 52 bomber, and there are marks of various airfields both inside and outside the city. Visited ammo boxes that formed part of Australia’s North defense line at Charles Darwin International Airport and over 100,000 soldiers camped at Berry Springs Natural Park, 47 kilometers south of Darwin Let’s take a tour of the places. If you would like to know the history of the Darwin Aviation Museum, then you should also continue reading this article. You may be able to learn a lot about the aviation history of Australia.

What is the significance of WWII in Australia’s Aviation history?

A lot happened in World War II in Australia during 1942. Also in February 1942, Darwin, an important naval base of the Allies, was bombed by the Japanese. By November 1943, Darwin had been hit by 64 aerial assaults, 33 more were on the Australian north coast – Darwin was under more severe fire than Pearl Harbor. The now immediate threat led to a stronger motivation of the Australians. Many civilian aircraft were now used for military supply and cargo flights. Since 1940, massive investments had been made in the expansion of flight schools, bases, and air forces. The emergency was also a stimulus for the aircraft manufacturers, who had hitherto not been particularly successful in the production of civilian machinery. The British company de Havilland had already built the first plants in Sydney in 1930 and intensified the production of military equipment since 1938. De Havilland produced in Australia among others Tiger Moth schoolchildren, Dragon transporter, Mosquito bomber and vampires-Jets. In 1935 by entrepreneur Essington Lewis ( Broken Hill Proprietary founded) that produced Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation (CAC) exclusively military aircraft ( CAC Wirraway, CAC Boomerang, CAC Woomera ). Finally, there was the DAP (Department for Aircraft Production, such as Department of Aircraft ), a consortium under the supervision of the government, which licensed British models.

What is visiting the Aviation museum like?

In the East Point military museum near the center of the city, you can enter a shelter in which a top-end defense plan was drafted and see the vivid images of the bombing that brought the disaster of World War II into Australia I can. Let’s go through the wartime oil stock tunnel that was familiar to the city’s basement and observe the guards of the artillery team in the Kaslin Coast Reserve, which is also the holy place of Aborigines.

You can step into the history of the war of the top end by moving south from Stewart Highway from Darwin whether you drive a car on your own or on your own. Watch the military airfields lining along the highway and visit the museum and the war dead cemetery in Adelaide River. Learn more about the life during the war in Katherine and listen to stories about local people’s war while drinking cold beer at Larimer or Daly Waters.