Fishing Charters Australia

The primary role of Cairns fishing charters is to ensure that you’re having an exciting trip to the Great Barrier Reef. And to make this possible, the experience for Reef fishing starts at Cairns’  Marlin Marina where paperwork completion takes place, where tourists get a cup of coffee and then get them boarded. You’ll take approximately 90 minutes from this destination to the fishing grounds.

After getting anchored, the Cairns fishing charters always targets the Nannygai, the Coral Trout, the Sweep Lip, the Red Emperor, and many more reef species. You have full rights to catch anything, take a photo of it and then release it back into the water. You can even decide to give away what you have caught or give it to the charters to clean it for you and after that take it home to prepare a delicious dinner. If you can’t take it home, there are several restaurants within this destination where you have your fish prepared for a delightful meal.

Also, the good thing the Cairns fishing charters is that they supply all the needed fishing equipment in addition to serving cold drinks and a delicious buffet lunch. Other than this, the charters always take pride in giving their passengers a tremendous deep sea and reef fishing experience while aboard the large, fully equipped and comfortable fishing vessels that are meant to provide the intended purpose. The commonly used vessels include the Blue Whaler, the Aqua Cat, and the latest one the Reef Runner.

Cairns fishing charters have a team of trained Deck Hands and Skippers who works towards providing the most reliable fishing charter trips both in Cairns and the surrounding Great Barrier Reef waters. Here, you’ll get promised of the best fishing experience ever since the waters in this place are internationally renowned and are categorised as one of the best prolific fishing grounds.

Cairns fishing charters have been engaging severally in the deep-sea fishing and diving and therefore, a firm assurance that they are highly experienced in this field. Thus, the crews know the best places to fish and will give the passengers a chance for them to land their prize catch. Here, you can use various fishing equipment and methods like drift fishing, live bait fishing, trolling and bottom fishing.

With the Cairns fishing charters, there is no need of carrying a lot of things on your trip. You will always find them offering well maintained and quality fishing equipment, a selected delicious fresh lunch and a bottle of drinking water. The meals they offer range from meat, tropical fruit platter, bread rolls up to the salads. Every fish get thoroughly cooked and then bag them ready for the passengers to take them home.

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