‘A8-113’ was originally built for the USAF’s Tactical Air Command as aircraft 67-113.  It first flew in August 1969 and was transferred to 430th Tactical Fighter Squadron of the 474 Tactical Fighter Wing at Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada.  Following modifications the aircraft departed the 474th TFW for service in Vietnam in September 1972.

By late November 1972, 67-113 had flown 44 combat missions.  The aircraft flew its last combat mission over Vietnam on 19 April 1973, though it reportedly flew a mission against a Cambodian target on 15 August 1973.  It was then placed into storage.

It is one of a number of USAF F-111s purchased as attrition replacements.  67-113 was delivered to the RAAF on 23 May 1982 and was modified to F-111C at 3 Aircraft Depot at Amberley Queensland.  In October 1997, 25 years after 67-113 first saw combat in Vietnam as a USAF F-111A, the aircraft completed production test flying as a RAAF Avionics Update Program (digital) ‘Pave Tack’ F-111C.

Its final airshow appearance was at Williamtown in September 2010. It was a static display at the F-111 retirement ceremony on 3 December 2010 and was officially retired on that date.

A8-113 is shown repainted at in its original South East Asia camouflage with 1 Squadron markings on the port side and 6 Squadron on the starboard side.

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