Franklin Engine

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Franklin engine for Bell 47 Hellicopter

Franklin Engine Bell 47 Helicopter USA,  1970s   The photo shows an engine for the Bell 47 Helicopter mounted in a jig as it would be positioned in the helicopter. Engine courtesy of Carl Timms and Rotor services. To view … Continued

Wright 2600-13 engine

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Wright 2600-13

USA,  1940s 1600 HP 14 cyl 2600 c.i.d (42.5 litre) engine with a steel crankcase, used on B-25s, upgraded Catalinas and some single engine fighters. The other engine is mounted on a service frame for repairs, which allows the engine … Continued

Continental O-200 Engine

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Continental O-200

CONTINENTAL USA,  1940/60 Small aircraft engine as  used in Piper Cubs The Piper Cub was first used as a spotter aircraft during WW11 in the USAAC. Approximately 100 HP (75KW).   For more technical detail on the Continental O-200, see … Continued

Allison V-1710 Engine

Allison V-1710

USA 1941 1710 cubic inch (26 litres) V12 supercharged engine, 1200 HP used in Kittyhawks (P-40s) and  Lightnings  (P-38s).    This  engine  came from Lt Walker’s P-40 Kittyhawk of the 33rd Pursuit  Sqdn.  destroyed  on  the  19  February 1942  during  the  … Continued

Pratt & Whitney 1340 Wasp Engine

Pratt and Whitney 1340 Wasp

PRATT AND WHITNEY                                        USA, 1927/28 This 600 HP  9 cylinder radial WASP engine used originally in a Lockheed Vega & Express of 1928. It was also used in WW2 training aircraft. This engine was installed in a NOORDUYN NORSEMAN  ex … Continued

Liberty V12 Engine

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Liberty V3-2

1917 – 1923,  USA   This engine was installed in a RAAF deHavilland DH9A A1-20. It was  recovered from the rubbish tip at old Wave Hill Station. The aircraft was flown to Wave Hill Station by Sgt Pilot Eric Douglas … Continued