Auster J-5P Autocar

austerThis Auster is painted to represent one of the aircraft flown by the late Brigadier Vic Pedersen who founded the famous Salvation Army Flying Padre Service in 1945 and until 1972 he flew extensively across the Top End of the NT……………More 


B-52 G Stratofortress 92596

b52andjude-ronThis aircraft (“Darwin’s Pride”) was manufactured at the Boeing Airplane Co at Wichita Kansas, and entered USAF inventory in December 1960.The aircraft began its preparation for its last flight on the 1st of September 1989 when it was chosen to come to this Museum. Some 18,000 manhours of voluntary work of the 43rd Maintenance Group from the Guam base went into the presentation……………More 

CAC Avon Sabre A94-914

sabre1ronThis aircraft was made under licence to the North American Company by the Commonwealth Aircraft Corp, but using the British Rolls Royce Avon RA7 axial flow jet engine of 7500 lb thrust. The aircraft was noticeably faster in climb and top speed than the US version. To fit this engine the fuselage had to be deepened and modifications to the tail design. The armament was changed from the US 6 x .50 cal machine guns to 2 x 30mm Aden cannons……………More 

Cobra AH-1G

cobra-open-cockpit-day-2008-ronThe first U.S. Army helicopter designed to perform attack missions initially flew in 1965. This 1967-built “G” model was modified, then restored to “G” model armament configuration for display. Developed in only 6 months, “Snakes” saw extensive combat in Vietnam beginning in June 1967, and served in all U.S. peace-keeping operations for over 20 years……………More 


Dassault Mirage IIIO A3-36

mirage-2005-kh-022 In 1985 this aircraft crashed into the Ludmilla mud flats just before landing, and was damaged beyond repair. The pilot, Flying Officer John Quaife ejected safely and was not seriously injured. It was refurbished by 75 Sqdn. RAAF at Tindal Air Force Base and returned to the Aviation Heritage Centre for display in November 2005…………….More 


De Havilland DH-82 Tiger Moth

Tiger MothRAAF A17-4.  The Tiger Moth first flew in 1931 and was one of a long line of successful De Havilland bi-planes. It was the basic trainer for the British Commonwealth Air Forces in World War II and as war surplus, they were used by aero clubs for flying training for many years afterwards…………….More 


De Havilland Dove CR-TAG

dove-dehavilland-ex-east-timor-khThis aircraft  was called “Manatuto” after a town on the north coast of East Timor was an East Timor Airlines (Transportes Aereos de Timor) plane and was also used to fly the route from Darwin to Dili and return. It was flown out of Timor on the day that Indonesia annexed the island………………More 


General Dynamics F-111C A8 113

AMB_A8_113_Camo_Pano_2‘A8-113’ was originally built for the USAF’s Tactical Air Command as aircraft 67-113.  It first flew in August 1969 and was transferred to 430th Tactical Fighter Squadron of the 474 Tactical Fighter Wing at Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada……………….More 



 Hovey Delta Bird

hoveydeltabirdultralight1Constructed by Ken Simes from 1985 to 1989 from aircraft grade materials. The first ultralight aircraft to be built completely in the NT (without imported materials or built from a kit). First flown on 20th February 1989 by Ron Lawford for 31 minutes.

Design by R. Hovey USA. For more technical detail, see Wikipedia.


Mitsubishi MU-2VH-NYM   (VH-NYM  1963)

mitsubishi-mu2-acquired-from-amann-aviation-hkThis twin turboprop utility transport was one of Japan‘s most successful post war aircraft types with over 800 examples being built. It first flew in 1963 and was powered by 2 Garrett Research turboprop engines developing 430Kw (575 hp) each. With a maximum takeoff weight of 4050 kg it could cruise at 500 km/h and had a range of 1930 km with reserves………………..More 

Mitsubishi Zero A6M2 – Model 21 BII-124  (1942)

Mitsubishi-Zero11This aircraft crashed at Snake Bay on Melville Island, shot down by a .303 bullet in the engine oil tank during the first raid on Darwin on 19 February 1942. The pilot, Hajime Toyoshima gave a fictitious name because of his belief in the Bushido code of warriors and was transferred to Cowra as Todao Minami…………………More 


North American B-25 Bomber s/n 41-30222

b25_5This aircraft was acquired by the 380th Bomb Group USAAF in New Guinea after it had been taken out of active service and was used as a “fat cat”, ie an aircraft used to collect and transport the food and other luxuries that the Group needed to make life more enjoyable. It flew between Fenton Airstrip 160km south of Darwin and Adelaide…………………..More 



Rockwell Shrike Commander 500 VH-EXD

Aero Commander acquired from Skywest AviationUSA 1970s

This aircraft was operated as a coastwatch aircraft since the maritime surveillance was passed to the private sector (previously all surveillance was performed by the military). This aircraft was donated by SkyWest when the aircraft’s economical life expired and is being returned to complete configuration as parts become available…………………..More 


Rutan Long EZ

rutan2rThis aircraft was built in Darwin by Ron and Annabelle Lawford. Construction commenced in late 1983 and the aircraft’s first flight was 29th December 1986. This aircraft has flown over 1450 hours to all locations in Australia. This aircraft was the second to be built in the Northern Territory…………………….More 



Spitfire Mk VIII (Replica)


spitfire-andrew-schultzMk Vc Spitfires of No 1 Fighter Wing took over the defence of Darwin from the RAAF Kittyhawk Squadrons in January 1943. The Wing, sometimes called the Churchill Wing, consisted of 452 and 457 Squadrons RAAF and 54 Squadron RAF. They were later equipped with MkVIII Spitfires and eventually over 300 Spitfires operated out of Darwin accounting for many Japanese aircraft destroyed……………………..More 


Westland Wessex s/n N7-202 GREAT BRITAIN

Royal Australian Navy s/n N7-202              1960s

wessex1-rThe helicopter 12 was one of six that assisted in the cleanup of Darwin following Cyclone Tracy during “Operation Navy Help” January 1975 while based on HMAS Melbourne………………………More