All about whale-watching Hervey Bay packages

One of the places that are highly regarded when it comes to whale-watching is on Hervey Bay.

Whale-watching has become a popular tourist phenomenon over the last decade, today, and beyond. It is because nothing seems more magical than getting up close and personal to these magnificent creatures.

While there are other parts of the world that humpback whales go to, it is only in Hervey Bay that the whales stop for some time before travelling on their annual trek to Antarctica.

It’s the longer stay of the whales that make Hervey Bay stand out from other whale-watching places. Blessed by this phenomenon, it’s obvious that whale-watching Hervey Bay packages are offered to visitors from July to November.

Whale-watching Hervey Bay Packages

There are variations in vessels, duration, and style in the various whale-watching Hervey Bay packages offered from mid-July to late October. The multiple tour packages offered help to get the suitable one for you and your family.

  • 3-4 hour Half-day tours
  • 5-6 hour Longer Tours
  • Whale-watching tours including swimming with the whales

Whale-watching season in Hervey Bay

The months from July to November are considered the official whale-watching dates in Hervey Bay. While the whales start arriving in July, it is only in the middle of the month that whale-watching tours are offered.

It is on the last day of October that operators stop offering whale-watching tours even when whales are still seen in November. With this, early August to late September is considered the best month to take advantage of the various whale-watching packages offered in Hervey Bay.

It is during these months that whales are plentiful and at their most playful.

Morning Whale-watching Hervey Bay Tours

A wide-spread boat cruise is provided by the morning whale-watching tours. The cruise goes past the islands of the Great Sandy Strait up to Fraser Island’s western coast.

The half-day morning tour begins at 7 a.m. with coffee and tea choices to a light breakfast are provided to all guests. The presence of hydrophone equipment in the boat allows guests to listen to the whales other than seeing them up close and personal. Listening to the whales is an added memorable experience for everyone aboard.

Stopping at Kingfisher Bay gives guests the chance to enjoy a sumptuous lunch before heading back to the starting point of the tour.

Afternoon whale-watching Hervey Bay Tours

Other than the best way to get a discounted whale-watching tour, the scenery is considered as the main difference between morning and afternoon whale-watching tours. The gorgeous view of the sunset is the fantastic ending to the afternoon sighting of the whales.

However, it’s always best to know if discounts are offered before choosing the right whale-watching tour for you. The various tour operators offer different price rates, making it prudent to know everything upfront.

Lunch and whale-watching tours

The lunch and whale-watching tour package is a unique and enjoyable charter. While this tour could cost extra dollars, it’s worth the experience of enjoying the amenities of Kingfisher Bay Resort.

Opting for the package allows guests to experience a delicious lunch at the resort’s Sand Bar & Bistro. Guests choosing the tour package can also go paddle boarding, relax at the resort’s pool, or go trail hiking.

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